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Thread creation issue
I have found a bug in the creation of making a thread on this forum.

When you are making the post and add URL to image it shows in the editor but once it is created it isn't there its just a URL to the image.

Example:  https://crackingspace.com/thread-15066.html

1st image while creating thread:

[Image: b315b3c7d4264befa6de346fbe7b64c8.png]

2nd image after thread is created:

[Image: 2e6115813df94f1592404f27b86cbd5a.png]
[Image: bc.gif]

It's not a bug it's a pluggin that are enable on the forum. If the url of the image you are adding are not under https the image do not be show that is for protecte mixed content error on the SSL certificate.

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